Restaurant discothèque – Lyon 6 - F&K

Nightclub Restaurant in Lyon 6

Don’t wait the night to party!
F&K is the first of a new generation of venue which breaks all the conventional codes of today’s party : a.k.a The Bistroclub®.

A Bistroclub® is a new concept and by definition a place of freedom and togetherness. Life starts from the pre-dinner drink, have a glass, a simple meal, enjoy impressive, quality food and dance till dawn… without the inconvenience of changing table !

“Bistroclubbing is when the party starts from the aperitif, when you can be served a quality dinner even in the middle of the night, and when you can dance till the early hours or the other way round, it’s up to you !”

The 5 ingredients to the perfect recipe :

  1. An iconic location with a good vibe.
  2. A quality offering local food in an unrushed environment. An atmosphere far from the conventions and strict rules of a classic restaurant.
  3. A sound system that bursts! (Resident and ’s, ).
  4. New night concept parties, which can become major events for tourists and local party-lovers.
  5. A state of mind, a new motto: happy-togetherness.

F&K is now three different atmospheres all in the same place.

K, formerly The Apériklub, has been completely redesigned with a more fashionable setting and new lighting system, it breaks new ground in the field of parties. Unrivalled.

The terrace at the very heart of the F&K has been enlarged, is open every season thanks to being heated, and features a unique light ambiance.

F, previously called First, is the heart of the establishment. The nightclub has given way to a new concept space : a huge counter where you can enjoy a meal. The main kitchen of F will cater for the terrace and K.

F&K is definitely the place to be, somewhere where the party culminates in a pioneering high quality sound system, not to say the best in the region !